Who Was I Living With?

I decided it was time to delete the secrets from your computer and phone. That I try and move past the betrayal. Before I did I couldn’t help but take one more look around and that’s when I found it. The darkest thing yet. You went on a fetish dating site. You used the detailsContinue reading “Who Was I Living With?”

Everyone else’s needs

They lost you too and they lost me with you. I try to remember that, I try to remember their guilt, they used to listen to me talk about your health, our issues, some of them begged me to leave for my own sanity. Some of them are the only people who saw you butContinue reading “Everyone else’s needs”


Everyone wants me to go on living without you. They expect me to get up on my feet and move like you haven’t left me. They think it will help. He described it best to me, my widowed friend, ‘I just want to stop everyone in the street and tell them my wife died’ IContinue reading “Expectations”