I write this to you even though you will never read it.


That day was maybe our last good day I remember, it was tainted by a lot. Now I look back I realise how dark it was too. We spent the day in town, we went for breakfast, or rather I did and you watched me eat and drank a coffee in silence. We searched forContinue reading “Saudade”

Far Away

Today marked 7 months, you are getting so far away from me. I have just been missing you. I want to feel your tangible effects again. I struggle without a faith that so many have. To me, our afterlife is in the people we leave behind, in the memories of us. Your memory is soContinue reading “Far Away”

Quitting Smoking

I’m quitting smoking. I did that once before but you started happily supplying me with cigarettes 9 months later. Seems pretty dark with everything I know now. She said she’d help me like she offered months ago. I’m glad, I gave the opportunity I had to you then. To try anything to help your pain.Continue reading “Quitting Smoking”

I Can’t Get Up

It will be 6 months this week since you left me, I know it’s time to get up. I can feel people’s patience wearing thin with me but each step feels like the impossible task. I can feel the world moving on without me and part of me desperately wants to jump on board butContinue reading “I Can’t Get Up”

My Big Loves

You are my biggest love. You shaped me the most and we built our lives around each other. I’m more me because I had you. I think the biggest thing you ever gave me was a challenge, you were the best at making me see other points of view. You introduced me to new andContinue reading “My Big Loves”

Hello Again

The second I tried to say goodbye all of my anger towards you faded again leaving me in a another wave of pure grief. I’ve been rooted to the chair in a way I haven’t in what seems like forever but is probably only a matter of weeks. Time has lost all meaning. I lookedContinue reading “Hello Again”

Feeling Judged

There are so many expectations to being a widow. Ridiculous really given that I had no choice in the matter and it’s not what I wanted. Some of them are expectations I put on myself. I’m constantly afraid that I’ll be judged for how I behave. I won’t let anyone tag me in a pictureContinue reading “Feeling Judged”


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